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From a very young age I was extremely passionate about the fashion world and industry. I loved to dress myself and put together cute little outfits. I started modeling and acting at the age of 3, taking days off of school to go on casting calls. As a child what could be more awesome than that! I got to miss class to do something I loved. 

As adults we sometimes forget to remember our passions and that reaching our goals can be accomplished.  We end up in boring 9-5's or pretty much jobs we simply hate and never imagined ourselves doing, dreading going to work everyday. This is exactly how I felt. I was tired of working a 9-5. I went to college and got a degree in Office Technology - Medical, but that was just a backup plan.  I knew where my heart lied, and as much as I love science, fashion was and will always be my everything (besides my son of course) HAHA :-D

I then started my own image consulting business. Styling, shopping, and revamping the closets of some of NYC's most elite. It still wasn't enough for me, I wanted more.

So with today's fashionista in mind, I created Miss Red Carpet for the classy yet sexy woman. Specializing in luxury bandage wear, bandage material shapes and forms a woman's natural curves. My goal is to make every woman, regardless of size, feel comfortable and fabulous in their own skin.  We are ALL beautiful, we are ALL queens in our own right. 

Always remember the world is your runway, so why not give people a reason to stare!

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